Why Tom Hanks Doesn't Play Bad Guys

Here's WHY Tom Hanks DOESN'T play bad guys.

November 14, 2019

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


In an interview with the "New York Times", he says, quote, "It's because I never get them, because bad guys, by and large, require some degree of malevolence that I don't think I can fake."

He adds, quote, "I recognized in myself a long time ago that I don't instill fear in anybody.  Now, that's different than being nice, you know?  I think I have a cache of mystery.  But it's not one of malevolence."

Elsewhere in the interview, he gives advice on how to be a good parent . . . quote, "The only thing really, I think, eventually a parent can do is say, 'I love you, there's nothing you can do wrong, you cannot hurt my feelings, I hope you will forgive me on occasion, and what do you need me to do?'

"You offer up that to them.  'I will do anything I can possibly do in order to keep you safe.'  That's it.  Offer that up and then just love them."

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