Why So Many Crime Stories Come Out of Florida

The reason we see so many criminal stories come out of FLORIDA is because...

March 25, 2019

(Photo by Starflamedia/Dreamstime.com)


Here are the three main reasons so many crime stories come out of Florida...

1.  It's really easy to get details on crime stories in Florida.  The laws are set up so almost everything is public record.  So reporters have quick and easy access to arrest records in Florida.  Which isn't the case in a lot of other states.  That's the MAIN reason there's so much Florida news.

2.  Florida has a lot of people.  It's the third most-populated state in America, behind California and Texas.  So Florida has a lot going on in general.  And it covers a lot of demographics.  So there's a wide variety of nonsense going on.

3.  "Florida Man" stories are more likely to go viral.  More websites pick them up, because the whole "Florida Man" joke exists now.  And if the same story happened in Idaho, it might not make national news.  Because "Idaho Man" isn't a thing.

Some people also claim there's more craziness in Florida because of all the transplants who move in from other states.  The basic, very loose theory is people who move tend to be more impulsive, which leads to more bad choices. 

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