Watch: Barbie Tells Young Girls to Stop Saying "Sorry"

July 24, 2018

USA Images


Barbie is really breaking the mold, and not apologizing for it. 

Actually Barbie is talking in her latest, "video blog" about how to many of us say "sorry" when really we have nothing to be sorry about. 

She begins the vlog with explaining about the "Sorry Reflex" and encourages girls to stop over-apologizing.

"I think we're worried about offending people — and we shouldn't be," she says matter-of-factly. After noting the importance of being kind, thoughtful, and offering sincere apologies when we've done something wrong, she asserts that unnecessarily saying 'sorry' is a learned reflex: "Every time we do it, we take away from our self confidence."

She even challenged her friends to try and not say sorry for and entire day... can you do it? Watch the full vlog below: