Things We Think About First Thing In The Morning

Here's what we think about first thing in the morning.

May 22, 2018



Here's how people start the day.  Or more specifically, here are the top ten things we wake up thinking about...

1.  The weather.

2.  Something you have to do for work.

3.  Something health related.

4.  A household chore.

5.  What's happening on social media. 

6.  Getting your kids to school.

7.  Your morning commute.

8.  "Can I get away with not washing my hair?"  Or maybe not even showering?

9.  Your outfit.

10.  Family issues. 

The survey also found we only spend 11 minutes on breakfast, because we're so rushed.  Almost a quarter of us usually eat it on the go.  And the average person ends up skipping breakfast once a week. 

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