Things That Make You Seem Classy

What are some things that make you seem CLASSY?

February 14, 2018



According to a recent survey, here are eight things that make you seem CLASSY...

1.  Going to the opera.  76% said it's classy.

2.  Going to the ballet, 72%.

3.  Going to an art exhibit, 50%.

4.  Going to a spa, 38%.

5.  Going to the theater, 36%.  That seems a little low.

6.  Going to a museum, 18%.

7.  Going to a CASINO, also 18%.  (But that one really depends on context.)

8.  Eating at a nice restaurant, 12%.

A few things that DON'T make you seem classy include going to the movies . . . seeing live music, except maybe classical . . . seeing live stand-up comedy . . . going to bingo night . . . and having dinner at a bar. 

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