Signs The "Spark" Is Gone And How To Get It Back

If the "spark" is gone in your relationship, here's how you can get it back.

June 21, 2018



How long does it take for the "spark" in a relationship to fade?  It obviously depends on the couple.

But a recent survey asked 2,000 people, and the average answer was 5 years and 2 months in. 

The survey also asked people to name the top SIGNS a relationship is losing its spark.  The five most common answers were . . .

You never get it on anymore . . . you don't cuddle . . . you rarely say "I love you" . . . you don't do things together, or go on dates . . . and you've, quote, "let yourself go." 

Now here are the top five ways to get the spark BACK, according to the survey.  .

1.  Try to listen to each other more.

2.  Say "I love you" more often.

3.  Go away for the weekend.

4.  Kiss more often.

5.  Start making small, random gestures.  Like buying flowers for no particular reason.

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