The Most Valuable Baseball Franchises

Where are the Cardinals on "The Most Valuable Baseball Franchises" list?

April 11, 2019

(Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)


ThEvery year, "Forbes" compiles a list of the most valuable franchises in Major League Baseball.  It's based on revenue earned from ticket sales and TV deals, player salaries, operating costs, and a bunch of other factors.

The New York Yankees are #1 . . . yet again.  "Forbes" has done this list for 22 years, and they've topped it EVERY YEAR.

The five most valuable baseball franchises are:

1.  New York Yankees, $4.6 billion

2.  Los Angeles Dodgers, $3.3 billion

3.  Boston Red Sox, $3.2 billion

4.  Chicago Cubs, $3.1 billion

5.  San Francisco Giants, $3 billion

The Cardinals are number 7 on the list at $2.1 billion.

And the five LEAST valuable are:

1.  Miami Marlins, $1 billion

2.  Tampa Bay Rays, $1.01 billion

3.  Kansas City Royals, $1.03 billion

4.  Cincinnati Reds, $1.05 billion

5.  Oakland Athletics, $1.1 billion

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