The Most Powerful Female Country Singers Of All Time

It includes Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and many others you know, but where does Taylor Swift fall on the list?

October 19, 2018

(Photo by Larry McCormack-USA TODAY Sports)


"Taste of Country" has a list of the 30 Most Powerful Female Country Singers of All Time and DOLLY PARTON is #1.  They based it on commercial success, influence, career longevity, vocal ability, and songwriting skills. 

Here's their Top 10:

#1.  Dolly Parton.  There's her "artistry, versatility, business sense, and courage."  And she even has her own amusement park, for cryin' out loud.

#2.  Loretta Lynn.  She was chosen because of her influence as a singer, songwriter, and female trailblazer.

#3.  Miranda Lambert.  She's 34 years old and "already has 14 combined Female Vocalist of the Year wins" . . . plus two Grammys.

#4.  Reba McEntire.  A country music icon who's done pretty much everything you can in the entertainment industry . . . and she's still going strong.

#5.  Carrie Underwood.  Everything she touches turns to gold, but the "depth and value of her most inspiring songs" is what put her so high on this list.

#6.  Patsy Cline.  Despite a tragically short life, her "tremendous legacy has given her iconic status that compares with Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra."

#7.  Tammy Wynette.  It's based on her resume and legacy.

#8.  Shania Twain.  They call her "a watershed artist."  Also, she's sold a gazillion records.

#9.  Kitty Wells.  She's considered the first real female country star.

#10.  Faith Hill.  They chose her because of name recognition . . . and because she's an all-time great female country singer.  

Other highlights include the Dixie Chicks at #11 . . . Kacey Musgraves at #26 . . . and Taylor Swift at #30, and imagine she if she hadn't switched over to pop.

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