Look: Celebrities Respond To "Your Last Name Is 'Young' And The Last Thing You Bought"

A few celebrities responded to a meme that says your rap name is 'Young' PLUS the last thing you spent money on.

August 28, 2018



A new social media meme says that your RAP NAME is 'Young' PLUS the last thing you spent money on.  And the best part is that some celebrities got in on the action.  Here are a few:

Sarah Silverman:  "Young Lyft"

Alec Baldwin:  "Young Tennis Shorts"

Billy Eichner:  "Young Smoothie"

Zach Braff:  "Young Pillow Case"

Kathy Griffin:  "Young Penne Vodka"

Busy Phillips:  "Young Gogo In-flight Internet"

Some non-celebrity highlights include:  "Young Comprehensive Insurance Plan", Young Gas", and  "Young Back to School Supplies".