HS Senior Makes Valentine Day Special For All Fellow Students

A senior creatively gave each one of her peers a "crush" on Valentine's Day.

February 15, 2018
Crush Orange Soda

Crush Twitter


A Centralia High School senior found a creative way to give each one of her peers a "crush" on Valentine's Day.

According to WJBD, the anonymous cupid gave away 843 cans of Crush soda, one to each student at the school and every one of the cans came with a personalized note with words of encouragement to brighten the students' Valentine's Day. 

The senior explained how this random act of kindness won over the hearts of her classmates.

"It was interesting to watch. There were a lot of kids who came out and it was the only one they got. So it was nice to know that everyone felt like they were thought of and that they were special enough to get one."

The student's secret admirer project was such a success she said, "without a doubt she would do the same thing again and hopes her idea made everybody's day a little better." 

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