Hasbro Launches Hilarious New Classic Board Games

September 26, 2018
Sorry Board Game



You're next family game will be more heated and hilarious with Hasbro's new games! 

According to People the toy company will soon be releasing a new line of five parody board games that will be making fun of our everyday lives. 

The classic games Clue, The Game of Life, Mystery Date, Sorry! and everyone’s first stress-induced memory, Operation will all have new rules, new objectives and most of all lots of laughs between competitors. 

Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas
Objective: Six friends wake up to find one of their own missing from their hotel room after a night of too much partying.

Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis
Instead of drawing the “Doctor” card and making $100,000 right out of college, sees participants face the reality of “crippling debt” while navigating among life’s familiar everyday challenges like a botched tattoo job, dropping your phone in the toilet and calling in sick to work to get in eight extra hours of your favorite TV show.

Mystery Date: Catfished
Objective: This game is an oldie but goodie, but this time it has been crafted for the 2018 dater — which means wading through the questionable world of online dating and trying not to get catfished.


Botched Operation
Objective: You can practice the already-stressful task of removing the dreaded charley horse while performing a tummy tuck. 


Sorry! Not Sorry! 
Objective: This game encourages its players to steal their friends’ pawns to sabotage their chances at a win, with the added bonus of “Not Sorry!” cards to bring in a “Have you ever?” twist.

Hasbro’s parody game collection will be available exclusively at Target stores and target.com beginning Oct. 1, retailing for $20 each.

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