Bob Costas Might Leave NBC

After 40 years, Bob Costas may be LEAVING NBC??!!

August 29, 2018

(Photo by Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)


After almost 40 years, Bob Costas is in talks to leave NBC.  Bob has done it all at NBC Sports, from the Olympics to the World Series to the Super Bowl.

Sources say that Costas wants his own news show that goes beyond sports, but that hasn't been confirmed.

But Bob did tell "USA Today", quote, "There was a very long period of time when NBC's programming suited my interests and abilities very well...  And after deciding on my own to leave the Olympics after having done a dozen of them, you just look around and say, 'What was once a perfect fit no longer fits that description.'"

There's also talk that Bob's changing attitude about football played a role.  During a speech last year, he said, quote, "The reality is that this game destroys people's brains."

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