The Best Rom-Com Sidekicks

Are these really the BEST sidekicks from romantic comedies?

July 17, 2018


Categories: ranked the BEST sidekick from romantic comedies.  Here are their Top 10...

10. Marie (Carrie Fisher), "When Harry Met Sally"

9. Patty (Sandra Oh), "Under the Tuscan Sun"

8. 8. Becky (Rosie O’Donnell), "Sleepless in Seattle"

7. Spike (Rhys Ifans), "Notting Hill"

6. Delilah Abraham (Whoopi Goldberg), "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"

5. Freddie Bauer (John Candy), "Splash"

4. Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach), "The Holiday"

3. Cyn (Joan Cusack), "Working Girl"

2. Sandy Lyle (Philip Seymour Hoffman), "Along Came Polly"

1. George (Rupert Everett), "My Best Friend’s Wedding"

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