The Best Cities For Christmas

What are the BEST cities for celebrating Christmas?

December 19, 2018

(Photo by Mark Peugh/


Wallet Hub just released its annual rankings of the best places to celebrate Christmas this year.

They look at 31 metrics, including things like costs . . . how many people put up lights . . . how much we give to charity . . . and the number of Christmas tree farms per capita.

One big thing they DIDN'T factor in this year was each city's chance of having a WHITE Christmas.  Half of the top cities don't get a lot of snow.  Here are the top 10...

1.  Orlando.  (It jumped up from 6th place last year, when Chicago was #1.)

2.  Las Vegas.

3.  New York.

4.  Atlanta.

5.  Pittsburgh.

6.  San Francisco.

7.  Los Angeles.

8.  Chicago.

9.  Seattle.

10.  Dallas.