The Best And Worst Cities For Singles And "Cuffing"

Here are the BEST and WORST cities for singles to find a temporary relationship for the winter.

November 6, 2019

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Right now is apparently something called "cuffing season."  That's when single people settle into temporary relationships to get through the winter, but the relationships rarely survive past the spring.

And found the best and worst cities for finding someone to cuff with this winter.  (I'm not sure if that's proper use of the word "cuff," but since the term is made up anyway, I'm good with it.)

The best city to find a temporary relationship this winter is . . . Indianapolis.

Some of the other top cities are:  San Diego . . . Denver . . . Chicago . . . Memphis . . . Houston . . . San Antonio . . . Columbus, Ohio . . . and Los Angeles.

The worst city for cuffing season is . . . El Paso, Texas.

Some of the other worst cities are:  Washington D.C. . . . Fort Worth, Texas . . . New York City . . . and Dallas. 

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