Bathroom Emergencies

If you're out and have a bathroom emergency, where are you most likely to go?

August 13, 2018



We've all experienced that horrifying moment when we're far away from home and feel that rumble in our stomach that means:  "You.  Bathroom.  Now."

So . . . where do you go?  Here are the most popular answers from a new survey.

1.  Find a public bathroom, 41%.

2.  Buy something from a restaurant to use their bathroom, 21%.

3.  Sneak into a restaurant to use the bathroom without buying something, 16%.

4.  Immediately head home and pray you can hold it, 8%.

5.  Ask a restaurant to use their bathroom without buying something, 7%.

6.  Find a private spot outdoors, 1%.

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Not surprisingly, 0% of women went for that outdoors option, it was all men.  Also, men are more likely to try to sneak into a restaurant's bathroom . . . women are more likely to take the more honest approach and buy something.