2018's Happiest States In America

What are the HAPPIEST states in America?

September 10, 2018



With the U.S. ranking No. 18 on this year’s World Happiness Report, WalletHub.com released its report on 2018’s Happiest States in America.

To determine where Americans have the highest satisfaction with life, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 31 key indicators of happiness. The data set ranges from emotional health to income level to sports participation rate.  

Here are the Top 10...

1.) Hawaii

2.) Utah

3.) Minnesota

4.) North Dakota

5.) California

6.) Idaho

7.) Maryland

8.) Iowa

9.) South Dakota

10.) Nebraska

Illinois is fairly happy and came in at number 23, but Missouri needs a shot of happines because it came in at number 42! 

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