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Dax Shepard

Look: Dax Shepard Loves Netflix's "Tiger King" Too

Dax Shpard Tweeted that he wants to play the "Tiger King", JOE EXOTIC, in the eventual biopic. And a fan with Photoshop made it happen. This is a great first step. — dax shepard (@daxshepard) March 26, 2020 Read More
washing clothes

Should You Wash Your Clothes Anytime You Leave Home?

We already know we should be washing our hands constantly right now, but what about our clothes? Do we need to wash them if we just run to the grocery store? It turns out, probably not. Here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to laundry during the coronavirus outbreak . . . 1. Washing... Read More
buying soap

What Americans Are Buying Right Now

A new study looked into what we're spending our money on right now at grocery stores and drug stores, and compared it to what we were buying exactly one year ago. The 10 things that we're buying WAY more now are: Aerosol disinfectants . . . thermometers . . . oat milk . . . fresh meat alternatives... Read More
Joe Buck

Watch: Joe Buck's "Play-By-Play For Dogs"

Joe Buck is still doing play-by-play, but this time, for dogs. Booyah vs. Chance is the content we all need right now. Thanks to my @foxsports colleague @LauraOkmin for sending this in. It’s always special to take a moment and remember the great Stuart Scott. — Joe Buck... Read More
Bye Carona

Listen: The Knack Performs "Bye, Carona!"

"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC didn't want to make light of the "corona" in another "My Sharona" parody, so the original band, THE KNACK, went ahead with it. Singer Doug Fieger died of cancer 10 years ago, but guitarist Berton Averre and bassist Prescott Niles teamed up to perform a parody called "Bye Corona... Read More
Baby shark

Watch: Wash Your Hands With Baby Shark

It's times like these when we need all the heroes we can get, and who better than Baby Shark? A new video shows you how to wash and dry your hands and how to cover your sneeze and cough into your elbow. Video of Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official Read More

Look: Twizzlers' "izzlers"

There's a new, limited-edition version of Twizzlers out now that aren't twisted, and they're just like regular licorice ropes. And they're called "izzlers." “Are they still Twizzlers if they don’t have any twists?” I say nope- they are Limited Edition Untwisted “Izzlers “. Available now at Walmart... Read More