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The Perfect Christmas Movie According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you ever wondered what the PERFECT Christmas movie is according to your ZODIAC SIGN, then we've got you covered. took a look at Christmas movies and sodiac signs and discovered... Aries - "It's A Wonderful Life" Taurus - "Four Christmases" Gemini — "The Nightmare Before Christmas"... Read More
racing Santa

Watch: Little Boy Races Santa

We all know Santa never cheats. He's honest, he's merry, and he's full of good cheer. But he can be sneaky, and we have video to prove it. A three-year-old boy at a store in Canada challenged Santa to a foot race. So he got up from his chair, did a "Ready, set, go" and then got a head start by... Read More
car jumping prize

Watch: Car Goes Airborne At Dealership

Security video from an auto dealership in Citrus County, Florida filmed a car FLYING over dozens of cars sitting in the lot. It also just missed a customer. A second camera filmed it hitting two cars after it landed. The driver had a medical issue and lost control of the car, which left the highway... Read More
Great Hair

Look: Thief With "Fantastic Hair"

A UPS employee in Florida with really FANTASTIC HAIR is accused of stealing packages from his truck. How do you report this story and not comment on his hair? I couldn’t be a news reporter — Donna (@darnold99) December 5, 2019 Read More
Kitchen Wrapping Paper

Look: "Wrapped Kitchen" Prank

A guy in England pulled a prank on his wife where he spent two hours wrapping the kitchen in wrapping paper. Now his wife's post about it is going viral. Read More