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Watch: Sugar Plum Icee

The cafes at Target stores are selling Sugar Plum Icees for Christmas. It’s the most --magical-- time of the year! #SugarPlumICEE #December @target A post shared by Official_ICEE_Co... (@official_icee_co) on Dec 1, 2018 at 9:43am PST Read More

Baby Name Trends For 2019

Here are some baby name trends to watch out for in 2019... Names based on muted colors (like Ash and Ivory) Names based on jewels (like Garnet and Opal) Names that start with "F" (like Felix and Flora) Three-Letter names (like Hal and Kit) Vintage nicknames for boys (like Ace and Buddy) ANIMAL... Read More


When you wake up after a DRUNK night out, do you find yourself worrying about all the horrible things you may've done? There's a term for it: "Hangxiety." And according to a new study out of University College in London, it's VERY real. The researchers say the more SHY you are, the worse you... Read More

"Billboard's" Best Songs Of 2018

"Billboard" has a list of the 100 best songs of 2018, and unlike most of their lists, this one isn't based on actual charts and sales. It's just straight-up opinion. Here's their Top 10: 1. "I Like It", Cardi B, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny 2. "Sicko Mode", Travis Scott 3. "Boo'd Up", Ella Mai 4. "Thank... Read More

The Most-Binged Shows On Netflix In 2018

Netflix has released a list of the most BINGED TV seasons this year. They considered all their own original shows, with seasons released between January 1st, up through November. By "most-binged," they mean the shows with "the highest average watch time per viewing session." Here's the Top 10: 1. "... Read More

Watch: "Time's" Person Of The Year

"Time" magazine chose its Person of the Year. They went with "The Guardians"... Journalists who are fighting the "war on truth" and standing up to governments that are trying to delegitimize them. The stout man with the gray goatee and the gentle demeanor dared to disagree with his country’s... Read More

How To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

A new study on holiday weight gain showed that just being MINDFUL of your weight can stop you from packing on the pounds. Here's a list of ten tips on how to maintain a healthy weight... 1. Eat your meals at roughly the same time every day. 2. Use reduced fat foods when possible, and don't eat too... Read More