Ally Brooke on her new book and the parts of Fifth Harmony that made her 'uncomfortable'

'I chose a lot of the stories that were harder to write about'

October 27, 2020

Ally Brooke’s first autobiography, Finding Your Harmony,  is here and the singer turned author is so excited to finally tell her story and her family’s story.

As she sat down with RADIO.COM's AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon from Channel QBrooke jokingly tells us that writing a book is most certainly “not for the faint of heart.” The journey that Ally has gone on in order to share her story has been a long and involved one. “Being able to use everything that I’ve been through and overcome to hopefully pass my advice on how I got through it all to someone else who really needs it, that’s the most beautiful thing,” exudes the singer.

Ally shares that her experience with songwriting set her up to be successful when it came down to what she wanted to convey in her new book. However, the book writing process included a lot more details and work to uncover many of Ally’s childhood memories. “I chose a lot of the stories that were harder to write about,” shares Ally. However, she made sure that the more difficult stories she was telling would never hurt anyone.

Brooke often leaned on the support of her parents when it came down to telling more revealing personal stories. Through the book writing process, Ally’s parents served as her emotional support system and voices of reason. Many times Brooke’s stories intersect with the stories of her family, so aside from being a book just about Ally, the new piece also serves as a legacy moment for her entire family. The singer explains, “several lives are entwined.”

One of the most personal things that Ally discusses in the autobiography is her faith and her decision to wait until marriage. As an artist in an industry where sexualization is so prevalent, Brooke’s beliefs and career have often clashed. Ally tells AJ and Mikalah, “it definitely can get tough sometimes, but I know the finish line for me.” Ally also says she never realized how many people in the industry had made the same choice as her. Jessica Simpson is someone that Brooke looks up to and relates to. “There are so many people out there that, you know, made the same choice, and knowing that I’m not alone and that I’m supported is awesome,” beams the “No Good” singer. Brooke also adds that throughout relationships and dating she’s never faced pressure and has always been respected.

During her time as a member of Fifth Harmony, Ally shares that she faced a lot of challenges with her beliefs. She says that those years shaped her and adds, “being in Fifth Harmony, you know it was hard... at some points. I loved being sexy and flirty and I loved being able to empower other women to be the same, but some parts it was harder.” She continues, “sometimes I would think ‘man I wish I didn’t sing this lyric’ or ‘man I’m definitely uncomfortable with this song coming out.’”

Brooke says that at certain points she had to stand her ground and stay true to her beliefs and work with the labels to ensure she got to a place where she felt more comfortable. Sometimes Ally felt she was alone in her own battles.

Throughout her career, Brooke has been triumphant in balancing her beliefs while still feeling empowered to be all the facets that make up being a bold and successful female artist.

Ally's most recent musical endeavor is her collaboration with Fedde Le Grand on their new track "Gatekeeper."

For more from Ally watch her full interview above. Finding Your Harmony  is out everywhere.

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