Court’s Favorite Things

December 23, 2017
We all have our favorite things, but here are a few of my truly favorite products, restaurants and more that I found this year. Favorite book of the year: Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris Great psychological thriller, if you like movies like While You Were Sleeping or Enough, you’ll love this. Favorite undergarment: Spanx Tank Tops I haven’t worn the sausage casing Spanx for years because they’re a pain to get on and I could never get it pulled up high enough so my bra would cover the waist band. This year I discovered the tank top version and it’s so much more comfy and goes under about anything to smooth out those imperfections. Favorite dry feet cure: Baby Foot This is probably my favorite discovery of the year. I hate getting pedicures but my feet definitely need the help so when I heard about this I had to try it. Soak your feet, put on the booties for about an hour and days later all the dry skin starts to fall off. It’s crazy. Better than any pedicure I’ve ever had! Read online reviews to maximize your experience. For example, soak your feet before and leave the booties on longer than the directions say. Favorite makeup: Benefit eyebrow pencil I’ve been searching for the perfect eyebrow pencil for a few months now and I finally found the perfect one at Ulta. It comes in 5 different shades and fills in my sparse brows perfectly. Favorite new TV show: Crashing on HBO I love almost all of HBO’s comedy tv shows…Veep, Silicon Valley, Curb, just to name a few. They debuted a new show this year about a guy who quits his job to try Stand Up Comedy and it’s hilarious. Lots of cameo’s by famous comics and the lead in the show Pete Holmes is a lovable loser. Favorite Local Restaurant/s: Mungo’s Italian Eatery and Mariachi’s Mexican Restaurant I’ve been going to Mungo’s since I was in grade school. I constantly crave their salad, Fazio’s Bread and their Mostaccioli Special. I know Mostaccioli sounds so 80’s wedding but theirs is the best, they use a meat and cream sauce with peas, prosciutto and mushrooms. And, my fave Mexican joint has a few locations but we frequent the Maryville, IL location of Mariachi’s. Their salsa is the best and even though I think I may stray from my normal order I always order the pick 2 of cheese enchilada and mini chicken chimi. Favorite face moisturizer: Cerave I’ve spent a ton of money on moisturizers but I finally found one that I love and it’s only 15 bucks and you can buy it at Walgreens. I have dry skin in the winter and this completely moisturizes and has a 30 SPF. Click here to see Kevin's favorite things!