Justin Timberlake May Have Some Competition This Weekend

December 15, 2017
So you may be excited about Star Wars coming out this weekend, but there is another movie that I am very excited about! FERDINAND!  Why? I will always love Justin Timberlake, he's my Hollywood Boyfriend - don't ya know, but John Cena (playing Ferdinand) is secretly stealing my heart. John plays the strong, but gentle bull who refuses to change his peaceful ways when he's captured and sent to fight in a bullfighting ring in Spain. Another plus is Kate McKinnon is the "calming goat," a goat people pair with bulls to keep them calm. The rest of the voice cast includes Gina Rodriguez, Daveed Diggs, and Gabriel Iglesias as hedgehogs, and Peyton Manning and Anthony Anderson as some of the other bulls. Are you planning on taking the kids to see it?