Vet Finds 21 Pacifiers in Shar-Pei's Stomach

December 11, 2017
Every time Lu loses one of her binkies, we immediately wonder if Apple got a hold of one.  She's been known to chew on them if one gets left behind so we try to make sure they stay out of her reach ... but sometimes that becomes a game we don't win. I think most pet families have this same struggle, but one family in Oklahoma had a major binkie issue with their Shar-Pei. An Oklahoma veterinarian made a shocking discovery recently when a family brought in their sick Shar-Pei. According to Oklahoma City's KOKH-TV, a 4-year-old Shar-Pei was brought into the vet because he was very sick.  The vet found 21 pacifiers in the dogs stomach. The dog had been vomiting and losing weight, and after "Dovey" vomited up a pacifier, the family began to think they had solved their newborn's recent "missing binkie dilemma." An x-ray at the Gentle Care Animal Hospital suggested Dovey had swallowed 7-9 pacifiers, but when Dr. Chris Rispoli performed surgery, he ended up removing 21. "In 20 years, this is the craziest surgery I've ever done." he admitted. Thank goodness Dovey ended up being ok!  I bet that family does all they can to keep the binkies hidden from now on.  Crazy!