Video: Meet Marvin, Jake Allen's GPG Rescue Dog

December 7, 2017
By now, you probably know how charitable the St. Louis Blues organization is.  They do so much for so many organizations in the local area. Recently, I learned of Jake Allen's involvement with Gateway Pet Guardians:
“[Shelters are] doing so much on so little, to be honest, and a lot of it’s just for the love of the dogs and trying to help the community and trying to help the animals,” said goaltender Jake Allen, whose dog Marvin was adopted from Gateway Pet Guardians. “All of these dogs and every one of them that I’ve met at a shelter have been pretty amazing,” Allen said. “And Marvin is so gentle and nice, especially with our little daughter now. It’s pretty amazing.”
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jake and his fiancée, Shannon, to talk about the importance of adopting a dog from a shelter and the myths of shelter dogs not being good pets.  Their daughter, Lennon, also expressed her thoughts on shelter dogs :).
Credit: Jamie Springer

Thank you Jake and Shannon for opening your home to me and helping spread the word about the importance of adopting from a shelter. Video Credit: Jamie Springer