12 Strays of Christmas: Bertha

December 5, 2017
Age: 8 years old
Weight: 15lbs
Rescued from Animal Control
Color: Blue
Does very well with other animals.
Bertha has a big heart and a big dream--to one day be someone's forever cat!
This calm, gentle girl is content to lounge around all day, and she's extremely tolerant of kids and other furry friends. Her guilty pleasure is catnip. Just a pinch of the stuff will have her rolling around waving her paws in the air.
Bertha also enjoys being brushed, having her belly rubbed, and when in the mood, playing with string toys. Bertha is on a special diet for her weight, but it's not much more expensive than regular food. It's a price worth paying for many years of love!
Bertha is also covered by both our Vintage Pets senior discount and our partnership with Pets for Patriots, which offers financial support for veterans and current service members who adopt certain pets from BAHS.