James Franco to Play Shel Silverstein

December 4, 2017
Reading to kids at a young age is such an important thing to help with their development and I'm so lucky that I have a daughter who LOVES books! Before she was born, I knew there were a few books that HAD to be a staple in her personal library because they were a staple in my personal library and I wanted to share the memories with her.  They are "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak, "The Cat In The Hat" by Dr. Seuss, and anything by Shel Silverstein. She has "Where The Wild Things Are" and "The Cat In The Hat", but I haven't picked up my copies of Shel's books, which are at my parents.  Maybe I will do that this weekend.  Anyway, I bring this up because I heard Jen talking today in "Entertainment Schmig" about James Franco playing Shel Silverstein in a biopic that he will also direct. From The Hollywood Reporter:
Based on Lisa Rogak's book A Boy Named Shel, the movie will focus on the personal and professional struggles of the author behind the popular book The Giving Tree and collection of poems Where the Sidewalk Ends. Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair will write the screenplay.
What do you think about James playing Shel?  I'm on the fence.  Regardless, I will still see the biopic.