TV Shows With The Biggest Increases And Decreases In Viewership This Year

December 1, 2017
Only SIX TV shows have better ratings than they did LAST year. Fewer and fewer people are watching broadcast TV, thanks to all the cable and streaming options that are available. In fact, only SIX shows are actually drawing bigger ratings than they did last year. The sitcom "Mom" is doing the best, up 14% from last year. "This Is Us" is second, up 13%. The other four are "Chicago PD" (up 11%), "Bob's Burgers" (up 7%), "Dateline" (up 4%), and "Chicago Fire" (up 3%). As for all the shows that are losing viewers, "Lethal Weapon" and "The Exorcist" have it the worst. They're both down 37%. "Empire" is the third-worst, down 36%, followed by "Blindspot" and "Designated Survivor", which are both down 33%. "Speechless" dropped 31%, "Once Upon a Time" is down 28%, and "Black-ish" has lost 26% of its audience. Click Here to see more.