The Foods To Mention For Online Dating

December 1, 2017
Here are the FOODS you should mention in your online dating profile to get more messages. just did a study to figure out the sexiest FOODS you can mention in your online dating profile. Here's what they found... 1. There are six foods you can mention that will lead to at least 90% more messages: Guacamole . . . potatoes . . . chocolate . . . salad . . . sushi . . . and avocado. 2. There are only two foods that will really tank your profile. People who mention yams get 70% fewer messages . . . and people who mention fried chicken get 15% fewer. 3. When it comes to overall food groups, protein and fruit are the sexiest ones to mention . . . and dairy is least sexy. 4. And finally, after all that food talk, if you decide to go to a fast food joint for your first date, 59% of women and 25% of men say it's a turn-off . . . and 10% of women and 3% of men say it's a flat-out dealbreaker.