Help Gateway Pet Guardians Win $25,000

November 29, 2017
Do you know the magnitude of how $25,000 could drastically help Gateway Pet Guardians (GPG)?  Trust me when I say it will DRASTICALLY help them out.
One of GPG's rescue stories has captured national attention from the Petco Foundation and GPG could win $25,000 if they get enough votes to be chosen as the "People's Choice".  GPG is the only local rescue up for this award!  GPG has dogs in need of knee surgery and the $25,000 would pay it forward to help those dogs.
The story -
It’s the tragic story of 2 broken hearts:  1 is a human, Eliza Peters, who needed 5 heart surgeries to repair hers & the other is her adopted dog Cora, who was born with a heart defect.  Sadly, Cora passed away on Oct 29th, 2017 due to severe complications from heart surgery. We'd love to honor her memory by winning this award.
It's free to vote and you can only vote ONCE from your Facebook page.
Click HERE for the full story and instructions on how to vote.