2017's Most Sinful Cities In America

November 28, 2017
An annual list of the most sinful cities in America includes St. Louis??!! WalletHub.com just did its annual list of the most SINFUL cities in America. They look at stats that have to do with the seven deadly sins. Like for wrath, they looked at violent crime rates. And for greed, they looked at how little people donate each year. Here are the ten most sinful cities of 2017... 1. Las Vegas. It was also #1 last year. 2. Orlando, up two spots from 2016. 3. Miami, up three spots from last year. 4. ST. LOUIS, but down two spots. 5. North Las Vegas. Should it just be lumped in with Vegas though? 6. Henderson, Nevada. Again, it's RIGHT outside Las Vegas. 7. Detroit. 8. Baton Rouge. 9. Tampa. So that's three Florida cities in the top ten. 10. New Orleans. Click Here to see more.