Grandma & Teen Reunite 1 Year After Accidental Thanksgiving Invite

November 27, 2017
Last year, 18-year-old Jamal Hinton from Arizona was accidentally included on a group text inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. The sender, a woman named Wanda, said she was his grandma, so he asked for a photo of the woman -- which revealed that she was a complete stranger. The two decided to have dinner together anyway and their story, which Hinton tweeted about, blew up online. A year has passed and it turns out that Wanda and Hinton have been in touch all this time. "She contacts me a lot," he tells BuzzFeed. "As a grandma would. She's very sweet." Hence, Hinton joined Wanda and the rest of her family again for Thanksgiving. He now works as a butcher and was responsible for carving the turkey. After tweeting about their second Thanksgiving together, the pair's story has again gone viral. "I actually wanna see this turned into a movie y'all," one user wrote. Hinton says he hopes to see Wanda again on Christmas.