The Best and Worst Things to Buy on Black Friday

November 20, 2017
Black Friday sales have already started and I took advantage last night!  I bought a pair of boots for super cheap because of the early Black Friday sale! You know I'm all about a good deal, so check out this information before you do any Black Friday shopping. The website compared the Black Friday deals at a bunch of stores to how much things normally cost on Amazon.  They found that the things you can get the best deals on this year are movies, music, and books.  They'll cost an average of 53% less than if you bought them on Amazon any other time of year.  The rest of the top five are video games - 38% off, toys - 24%, computers - 19%, and phones - also 19%. The worst discounts are on jewelry and clothing.  They'll only cost 7% less than they normally would on Amazon. Another study found the average markdown across all stores will be 37%.  That's down slightly from last year when the average discount was 39%. The stores with the biggest markdowns include Kohl's - 66%, JCPenney - 66%, Sears - 50%, and Macy's - 46%.  Those aren't compared to Amazon though.  They're just the markdowns on the normal prices at each store. Amazon's average markdown is only 37%, but their everyday prices are lower than most places.  So even on Black Friday, it still might be your best bet. Happy Shopping!