Who Should Get The Armrests On An Airplane

November 15, 2017
Who should get the ARMRESTS on a flight? since many Americans will get on an airplane in the next week, this seems like a good time to address this very important question: Who deserves the ARMRESTS? Well, according to a new survey, the majority of Americans DON'T think the person in the middle seat automatically should get the armrests on both sides. Only 42% say that person deserves both of them. The other 58% don't think so. The most common answer is that everyone is entitled to ONE armrest. And since that leaves one left over, it should go to the person who puts their arm on it first or who asks for it politely. The survey also found that 59% of people say you should NOT take off your shoes on a flight and 87% say you shouldn't take off your socks. And 54% say the polite way to get out of the row if someone is sleeping is to climb over them. Click Here to see more.