Photo: Plastic Dry Cleaning Bag Dress

November 8, 2017
A fashion company is selling a $736 dress that looks like a PLASTIC DRY CLEANING BAG??!! There's been a lot of DUMB fashion this year. We've heard about things like socks and sandals at a Louis Vuitton show, a $2,100 Calvin Klein sweater that's just sleeves, and jeans with a butt crack zipper. And this is JUST as good. The clothing brand Moschino just started selling a dress that looks like a DRY CLEANING BAG. The shoulders look like a dry cleaner's hanger that says "We Love Our Customers," and the dress itself is see-through like a plastic bag. If for some reason you want it, it'll run you $736. Ironically, the washing instructions say that you SHOULN'T have it dry cleaned??!! Click Here to see more.