Cities With The Most Expensive Concert Ticket Prices

November 8, 2017
Which cities have the MOST expensive concert ticket prices? How much it costs you to see your favorite artist can depend on your location, and sometimes the difference can be huge. And they found that, on average, going to a concert in Los Angeles will cost you 75% more than attending the same concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The study took into account venue fees, accommodation costs, purchasing power of the region, and public interest from city to city. The demand in a city like L.A. to see someone like Katy Perry is probably going to be more intense than it is in Grand Rapids, and there are more people willing to shell out big money to go. The average ticket price in L.A. is $127.57. After Los Angeles, the rest of the Top Five are: Las Vegas, Houston, San Diego, and Washington D.C. The average price in Grand Rapids is $73.09, which is good for 47th. The next lowest cities are: Buffalo, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Little Rock, Arkansas. St. Louis came in at 26th on the list. Click Here to see more.