The Fittest Movies Of All Time

November 7, 2017
"Men's Fitness" put together a list of the 10 Fittest Movies of All Time. Here are the 10 Fittest Movies of All Time according to "Men's Fitness". 1. "Raging Bull": Robert De Niro did such an amazing job training to play boxer Jake LaMotta, that LaMotta himself said De Niro could have been a legit fighter. 2. "Fight Club": This is the movie that turned Brad Pitt from a "skinny pretty boy" to a legit badass . . . when he wanted to be, of course. 3. "300": Gerard Butler and his co-stars had to train for three months, then complete a 300-rep fitness test that included pull-ups, pushups, and deadlifts. 4. The "Rambo" movies: Kind of self-explanatory. Stallone was, and still is, totally jacked. And he spends most of the franchise shirtless. 5. "Any Given Sunday": From the former football stars like Terrell Owens and Warren Moon, to Jamie Foxx, everybody's ripped. 6. "Pumping Iron": This is the 1976 bodybuilding documentary that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name. 7. The "Rocky" movies: See, "The 'Rambo' Movies". 8. "Bloodsport": Jean-Claude Van Damme competes in an illegal, no-holds-barred martial arts competition that's almost like a precursor to MMA. 9. "Enter the Dragon": According to "Men's Fitness", Bruce Lee shows off, quote, "one of the best physiques in the history of film" in this movie. 10. "Hercules" (1958): Former Mr. Universe Steve Reeves inspired "a new era of muscle on film." Even Stallone has cited this as an influence on his decision to pump iron. Click Here to see more.