Tiffany & Co.'s "Everyday Objects"

November 6, 2017
Tiffany's is selling "ordinary" objects this Christmas, for a not so ordinary price. Tiffany's just decided to branch out from selling moderately overpriced jewelry to sell insanely overpriced "everyday objects." Here are some examples... 1. A $350 sterling silver bendy straw. 2. A $1,000 empty tin can. 3. A $425 silver protractor. 4. A $650 pair of ping pong paddles. 5. A $10,000 fake silver bird's nest with three blue porcelain eggs. 6. A $1,950 flask shaped like a fish. 7. A $1,500 set of 10 Lego pieces. 8. A $9,000 ball of silver yarn. Click Here to see more.