The Best Shirtless Scenes In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

November 6, 2017
Categories: ranked the best SHIRTLESS scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In honor of "Thor: Ragnaraok", has a comprehensive analysis of Marvel's shirtless scenes, and they even ranked them based on a point-system that rewards the shirtless-ness for 'relevance to the plot' and its 'OMG factor.' 15 of the 17 Marvel movies have a shirtless scene. The two movies that don't are: "Iron Man 2" and "Captain America: Civil War". The site ignored villains, like Whiplash in "Iron Man 2", and constantly shirtless non-humans like the Hulk and Drax in "Guardians of the Galaxy". And since this is all about MEN, they didn't count women in bras, like Pepper Potts in "Iron Man 3". Here's the top ten... 1. Chris Evans as Steve Rodgers in "Captain America: The First Avenger". His shirtless 'transformation scene' is #1 because it got perfect scores for its relevance to the plot and its 'OMG factor.' They also loved the dramatic unveiling. 2. Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". They gave the scene bonus points for Bucky's gnarly-looking metal arm, but it disappointed in 'OMG factor' because the scene was more about EMOTIONAL nakedness than physical nakedness. 3. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in "Avengers: Age of Ultron". It's when Bruce gets out of the shower and has a conversation with Black Widow about their doomed relationship. They actually LIKED how he wasn't SUPER buff. 4. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in "Iron Man". Tony Stark is shirtless when he calls Pepper into his lab to help swap out his arc reactor for a newer model. They liked how the scene was unique because it wasn't about power, it showed vulnerability. 5. Chris Hemsworth as Thor in "Thor". Thor changes into jeans and a t-shirt after leaving the hospital, while Jane and Darcy watch. The site notes that his jeans ride a little low, and the camera lingers on him as he walks past a mirror. 6. Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy". Star-Lord is captured and sent to prison, where he's stripped and hosed down. While it's relevant to the plot that he's IN prison, it's less relevant that he gets naked and wet while there. They gave it bonus points for being "memorable." 7. Tom Holland as Peter Parker in "Spider-Man: Homecoming". The shirtless scene is when he sneaks back into his room, and takes off his suit. They note that it might be awkward for adults, because even though Tom was 20 when he filmed the movie, his character Peter is 15. 8. Chris Hemsworth as Thor in "Thor: The Dark World". It's when he "washes up" after a battle. It was docked for having, quote, "little to do with anything." But it got bonus points for "the shameless gratuitousness of it all." 9. Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the brand new "Thor: Ragnarok". It got a bonus point for "consistency." Three films in, the "Thor" franchise remains as committed as ever to taking off Chris's clothes. 10. Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in "The Avengers". He wakes up naked in a warehouse that HE demolished when in Hulk form. It's true to the character that he'd be naked, but there isn't much sex appeal to it. Click Here to see more.