Kevin's Weekend In 5 Photos (Friday, November 3rd, - Sunday, November 5th)

November 6, 2017
See how Kevin and his family spent this weekend. It was another busy, but fun weekend for the Berghoff household. It actually kicked off Thursday when Kennedy was asked by her cochlear implant surgeon, Dr. Hirose, to speak at a class she teaches to Washington University grad students about her implants and the importance of early intervention. On Friday, I finally had to the time to take down all the Halloween decorations and put up our Thanksgiving decorations. The kids made the hand-print plates last year at church. Saturday started off with another round of Advocare products as I hit day 7 on another 10 day cleanse. Sara and I do about 2-3 of these a year now just to get back in the habit of eating healthier. But by being on the cleanse, I could NOT partake in my wife's delicious chocolate chip cookies. She's going to sell them this year for Christmas, and she's bringing test batches to work to gage her co-workers' interest. That evening, I hosted Jerseyville's St. Francis/Holy Ghost Athletic Club's annual trivia night. Thanks again to Wendy, Laurie, and Kate for another great event! Sara enjoyed the trivia night's Wine Ring Toss game whre you can win a FREE bottle of wine. As you can see below, she's been practicing a little. Sunday was spent binge-watching the first season of "Stranger Things" so I could get caught up with all the hype from Courtney and Jen. Spoiler Alert: It was worth it because I can't wait to watch season 2 TONIGHT! Well, that was my weekend. I hope you had a fun one, too!