Occasions We're Most Likely To Celebrate With A Drink

November 3, 2017
Here are the different occasions when we're most likely to celebrate with a DRINK. A new survey asked people to name different occasions when they're likely to celebrate with a drink or several drinks. And here are the top 10... 1. Your birthday. 83% of people say it's a reason to celebrate with alcohol. 2. A friend's engagement, 78%. 3. Your wedding anniversary, 77%. 4. When you finish a tough week at work, 65%. 5. Getting a promotion, 62%. 6. Earning a degree, 59%. 7. Buying or renting a new home, 50%. 8. Starting a new job, 43%. 9. Finally paying off a loan, 35%. 10. Hitting a fitness goal, 13%. The survey also found we put down the MOST drinks at bachelor or bachelorette parties, nights out with friends, and at wedding receptions. Click Here to see more.