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Tips For Eating Healthy On Thanksgiving

Jill Devine

It’s that time of the year … we are faced with tons of bad decisions in regards to food and next thing you know, you can’t fit into your pants.

You can actually eat healthy tomorrow evening without giving up your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.  St. Anthony’s Medical Center sent out a press release with some tips from their registered dietitian, Lisa Galati.  Here are some of the tips:

“With a little modification of our Thanksgiving recipes that are traditionally higher in fat, sugar, salt and calories, we can make our favorite foods healthier. Most recipes can easily be made with less of these ingredients,” said Galati.

Some of the modifications are as simple as baking the turkey instead of frying it, using low-fat or fat-free ingredients wherever possible, and cutting one-third to one-half the amount of fat or sugar in any recipe.

Some other modifications you can make:

  • Use a low fat, low sodium broth base for gravy
  • Use skim milk for mashed potatoes
  • Use lots of pepper & garlic instead of salt in mashed potatoes
  • Offer sweet potatoes as another healthy & nutritious option
  • For the adventurous, blenderize cauliflower instead of mashing potatoes
  • Use wild rice & whole grain in stuffing
  • Avoid adding sausage or bacon to stuffing
  • Bake stuffing in a casserole dish instead of inside the turkey
  • Use pepper, garlic and fresh onions to add flavor to green beans
  • Use low fat, low sodium soup in green bean casserole
  • Eliminate or use less bacon & fried onions in green bean casserole
  • Serve whole grain rolls
  • If you are going to drink an alcoholic beverage, choose wine or a low calorie beer
  • Use one-quarter less sugar in the pumpkin pie
  • Use a graham cracker crust in the pumpkin pie

One thing people love about Thanksgiving are the leftovers. Lisa has some healthy and yummy suggestions for leftovers:

Turkey can be added to soup or a turkey noodle casserole. Mashed potatoes can be used instead of crust for a healthy turkey pot pie. Cranberries can be added to oatmeal or be used to make salsa. Remember, it is okay to throw away the unhealthy leftovers; and get rid of all leftovers after four days.

Hopefully you have been inspired to make Thanksgiving a little more healthy this year.

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