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The Cost Of Starbucks Lattes Around The WorldWhat does a Starbucks latte COST around the world?
Viral Video: Jason Ritter Sets "Most Hugs" World RecordOn "The View" yesterday, Jason Ritter broke the world record for most hugs in a minute.
Photo: Drug Dealer Busted At World Beard And Mustache ChampionshipsAn international drug dealer was busted when he traveled to the U.S. for the World Beard and Mustache Championships??!!
Women Who Are Changing The World"Time" magazine released a list of women who were FIRST at something.
Viral Video: World Record For Beer CarryingA guy breaks a world record by carrying 29 beers at once!
The Most Serious Problems Facing The World According To MillennialsHere are the MOST serious problems facing the world according to millennials.
The Highest Paid Actresses In The WorldEmma Stone is the "World's Highest Paid Actress".
The Funniest Word In The WorldScientists have determined the FUNNIEST word in the world is...
Viral Video: Fastest Piano Key Hitting World RecordWatch a piano player set a new world record by playing a single key 824 times in just 60 seconds!
The Best Beers In The WorldAre these the BEST beers in the world?
Viral Video: CNN's "End Of The World" VideoThe video CNN plans to air at the end of the world has leaked online??!!
The Best Cocktails In The WorldAccording to drinkers, these are the BEST cocktails in the world.

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