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Allergy TipsMold, pet dander, and dust mites are the most common culprits of allergies. In most situations, the key is avoidance.
Paul's People: How To Stick With Your Workout!For this week’s video we want to re-energize you with a “re-resolution” and some stellar tips.
Looking Good Or Feeling GoodIs it more important to "Look Good" or "Feel Good"?
Reasons We Give For Not Working OutA new survey found the most common reasons people give for not working out.
Easter Egg Safety TipsApparently Easter is more dangerous than we thought.
Vitamins That Might Actually Be Bad For YouHere are a few vitamins that might actually be BAD for you.
Ways You Can Hurt Yourself Spring CleaningHere are some common ways people hurt themselves while spring cleaning.
Quality Of Life SurveyYoung people would rather have an INTERNET CONNECTION than DAYLIGHT??!!
Tips To Feel More RestedHere are a few tips to help you feel more rested.
5 Essential Exercises To Work Out Your BrainWant to sharpen your brain? Flex your mind muscles with these exercises from Henry Emmons, author of "Staying Sharp: 9 Keys For A Youthful Brain Through Modern Science And Ageless Wisdom."
How To Lose Ten PoundsWant to lose TEN POUNDS by the holidays?
Why Making Your Bed Is Bad For YouHere's why you SHOULDN'T make your bed every morning.

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