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Photo: Christian Bale Gains Weight For New MovieChristian Bale has packed on some pounds to play former Vice President Dick Cheney in a new movie.
Photo: Soleil Moon Frye Shows Off 40-Pound Weight LossSoleil Moon Fry has lost 40 pounds, and she's happy to show it off on a recent vacation.
Tequila And Weight LossDrinking TEQUILA helps you LOSE WEIGHT??!!
Reasons We Gain Weight At Our Jobs45% of people say they've GAINED weight at their current job, and here's why...
The Age You Are Strongest and Earn the MostOkay, these are interesting numbers to see, but try not to judge yourself against them. At what age do we earn the most money?
The Most Common Weight Loss MistakesHere are a few common mistakes people make when they're trying to lose weight.
Lunch Habits That Make You Gain WeightHere are a few lunch habits that make you gain weight.
Weight Loss MythsHere are a few weight loss myths that aren't true.
Things People Did To Lose A Ton Of WeightHere are a few ways to lose a TON of weight.
The Key To Losing WeightThe KEY to losing weight is...
How Much Would You Pay To Instantly Drop 15 Pounds?According to a new survey, to instantly drop 15 pounds, the average person would pay...
Bad Habits That Help You Lose WeightHere are a few "bad" habits that can actually help you lose weight.

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