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Viral Video: Ann Curry Finally Talks Matt LauerFormer "Today" show host Ann Curry told "CBS This Morning" that she's not surprised about the Matt Lauer situation.
Viral Video: "Let It Go" Played On A Rubber ChickenEnjoy "Let It Go" from "Frozen" played on a RUBBER CHICKEN.
Viral Video: Amish Ski RideWatch an Amish skier being pulled by a horse and buggy.
Viral Video: Puerto Rico School Finally Gets Power BackWatch a school in Puerto Rico rejoice when the power returns after four months.
Viral Video: "Star Wars" Cantina Theme Played On A Rubik's CubeEnjoy the "Star Wars" Cantina Theme this time played on a Rubik's Cube.
Viral Video: "Trading Spaces" ReturnsCheck out a trailer for the new "Trading Spaces".
Viral Video: Man Gives Homeless Man The Coat Off His BackA stranger gives a homeless man the coat off his back!
Viral Video: Proof That Han Solo Shot FirstHere's video proof that Han Solo did indeed shoot Greedo FIRST.
Viral Video: KFC's Gravy CocktailsKFC has introduced three cocktail recipes that use their GRAVY??!!
Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog LeotardsThere's a new product that's a LEOTARD for your dog.
Viral Video: Why You Should Test Drive Your DroneHere's why you should always TEST DRIVE your drone.
Viral Video: Funny American Movie Translations In JapanA list of the 'Strangest Movie Translations in Japanese' includes...

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