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The Average Commute Time For Each StateWhat are the average commute times in each state?
Viral Video: The First Time I Farted In Front Of My GirlfriendA guy recorded himself passing gas for the first time in front of his girlfriend.
How Much Time Men Spend In The BathroomHere's how much time MEN spend in the bathroom throughout their lives.
Why Work Is So Stressful This Time Of YearThis might be the happiest time of the year at work, but it's also the most STRESSFUL.
The Fittest Movies Of All Time"Men's Fitness" put together a list of the 10 Fittest Movies of All Time.
Viral Video: Baby Hears Mom For First TimeWatch a two-month-old baby hear her mother's voice for the first time!
The Most Influential Websites Of All TimeAccording to "Time" magazine, the most influential websites of all time are...
The Greatest Disaster Movies Of All Time"Titanic" tops a list of "The 25 Greatest Disaster Movies of All Time".
Viral Video: Keep Having The Time Of Your LifeWatch two firefighters reenact a "Dirty Dancing" scene for a safety video!
Ways Your Boss Wastes Your Time At WorkThe top ways your boss WASTES your time at work include...
How Much Time We Spend On The ToiletWe spend HOW LONG on the toilet every week??!!
The Best Movie Props Of All TimeCheck out a list of the BEST movie props of all time.

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