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Viral Video: Angry Ex-Girlfriend Gets RevengeAn angry ex-girlfriend rams her ex-boyfriend's car then just drives away??!!
Phillips Phunny: Eric Stonestreet Finally Gets His Scare Revenge On EllenWatch Eric Stonestreet FINALLY get even with Ellen's scare tactics!
Viral Video: Revenge By Kicking In WindshieldWatch a woman get revenge on her cheating boyfriend by KICKING IN his car's windshield.
Viral Video: Name Change RevengeA guy fills his wife's car with cement for CHANGING HERE LAST NAME to win a contest??!!
The Pettiest Ways People Get RevengeWhat's the PETTIEST way you've gotten revenge on your significant other?
New App Will Text Your Friends "Game of Thrones" SpoilersIf your looking for a way to get revenge... here it is!
The Most Lethal Revenge SongsA list of the "Most Lethal Revenge Songs" includes...
Viral Video: Post-It Note RevengeSomeone covered a car with Post-Its because it was in a handicapped spot.
Phillips Phunny: Waitress's RevengeA man grabs a waitress's behind, and she DECKS him with a menu.
Rolling Stone's "Top Country Revenge Songs""Rolling Stone" has a list of Country's 20 Best Revenge Songs.

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