Y98 LISTENERS: Our contest line has changed! Missouri – (314) 531-9898 | Illinois – (618) 397-9898
Viral Video: Rattlesnake Blocks Real Estate AgentWatch a rattlesnake block a real estate agent from leaving a house.
Viral Video: Rattlesnake Rides TortoiseWatch a rattlesnake hitch a ride on a tortoise.
Phillips Phunny: It's Not A Toy, It's A Rattlesnake!A woman thinks she's picking up a dog toy, but it's a LIVE RATTLESNAKE!
Viral Video: Rattlesnake Den Close-UpWatch a den of RATTLESNAKES caught on a GoPro camera.
Viral Video: Rattlesnake Selfie FailHere's why you shouldn't take a selfie with a RATTLESNAKE!

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