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Photo: Taco Bell Maternity PhotoshootA woman decided to do her maternity photos at Taco Bell??!!
Photo: Entire School Welcomes Back Eight-Year-Old Cancer SurvivorAn entire school welcomed back an eight-year-old who's been fighting cancer.
Photo: Haley Joel Osment On The Set Of "The X-Files"Haley Joel Osment looks a lot different all grown up.
Photo: Refilling A KFC Bucket At The Soda MachineI guess when you are REALLY thirsty, an empty KFC bucket can come in quite handy...
Photo: Grandfather Recruited For College Golf TeamA college recruited a 61-year-old grandfather for their golf team.
Photo: Chrissy Teigen Criticized For Having Her Daughter On Her Lap On A SlideThe internet ATTACKED Chrissy Teigen for posting a picture of herself on a slide, with her daughter on her lap.
Photo: Kris Jenner's Early Modeling CareerHere's a few photos when Kris Jenner was modeling as a 22-year-old!
Photo: Social Security Forehead TattooPolice are looking for a criminal who has his Social Security number tattooed on his FOREHEAD??!!
Photo: The Sahara Gets SnowParts of the Sahara Desert in Africa got several inches of SNOW on Sunday??!!
Photo: "The Office" Doppelgangers ArrestedTwo guys who look like Jim and Dwight from "The Office" are arrested for robbery.
Photo: Kelly Clarkson Finally Meets Steve CarrellSteve Carrell shouted Kelly Clarkson's name while getting his chest waxed in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", but they'd never actually met... Until NOW.
Photo: College Student Falls In Love With TetrisThere's a student at the University of Florida who is planning on marrying TETRIS??!!

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