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How Much Time Men Spend In The BathroomHere's how much time MEN spend in the bathroom throughout their lives.
How Much Time We Spend On The ToiletWe spend HOW LONG on the toilet every week??!!
How Much NBA Players Make After TaxesSee how TAXES impact NBA players' take home pay.
How Much Time We Waste At WorkYou waste a FULL workday a week slacking off at work??!!
How Much Time We Waste Looking For ParkingWhen looking for parking, you WASTE...
How Much Each State Spends On A Wedding GiftHere's how much people spend on a wedding gift in each state.
How Much Money Would It Take For You To Do These Crazy Things?How much would you have to be paid to do one of these CRAZY things?
How Much Time We Waste Looking For ParkingYou waste THIS many days a YEAR looking for parking??!!
How Much Money You Would Save By Not Buying Anything For A YearA woman in England spent the ENTIRE year last year not buying anything, and here's how much she SAVED.
How Much You Make While In The Bathroom At WorkHow much money did you make this year while in the bathroom at work?
How Much Time Spent Styling HairOn the time it takes to style our hair, we spend...
Parts Of Our Body We Wash Too MuchHere are the parts of your body you might be washing too much.

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