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Courtney's Canine Clips: World's Longest Dog TongueMeet the St. Bernard with the "World's Longest Dog Tongue".
Viral Video: Woman With The Longest LegsMeet the Russian model with the world's LONGEST LEGS!
The Jobs Where People Work The LongestThe top careers where people retire AFTER the age of 66 are...
Viral Video: World Record: Longest Duration Restraining Four MotorcyclesA guy set a World Record by letting four motorcycles try to rip him apart??!!
Viral Video: The Longest TongueA girl who can lick her own eye might set the record for the "Longest Tongue".
Viral Video: The Longest Whip Ever CrackedWatch a guy break a World Record by cracking a 238-foot whip!
Photo: World's Longest SnakeConstruction workers accidentally found the "World's Longest Snake"!
The States That Talk The Most, The Fastest, and Stay On Hold The LongestA new study analyzed four million calls people made to customer service and found some interesting phone stats.
Photo: World's Longest FingernailsA guy set a world record for the longest fingernails.
The Longest To Binge-Watch Television ShowsConsumerist.com researched what shows would take the LONGEST to binge-watch from start to finish.
Viral Video: Longest Bowling Strike EverWatch a guy bowl a strike from the front door of a bowling alley.
Viral Video: Football Player Returns Missed Field Goal 110 Yards For A TouchdownOn Friday, a high school football player in Texas had the longest kick return you can POSSIBLY HAVE.

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